Favorita Veículos

Website built on top of Laravel Framework with a car management system

Favorita Veículos

About this project

Project developed as a contractor for Favorita veículos, a car dealership located in Santa Cruz do Sul/RS. At the time, it was develop on top of a PHP framework called Laravel, storing data in a MySQL database.This website has a frontend crafted with some jQuery components and using SCSS as CSS preprocessor.

Also, I was responsible for craft the layout, altough that is not my main role, so, I'm in a constant evolution in this area. Apart from the public area, it has a admin area that is focused on input new vehicles, brands, and some other related information.

Technologies Used

  • UI/UX Design
  • HTML5 - semantic
  • CSS3 - preprocessed with SASS + Node SASS
  • Laravel
  • Blade
  • MySQL
  • Gulp
  • Webpack

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